ENG1 Seafarer Medical Examinations


Dr McAndry has been approved to carry out these medical examinations by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Unfortunately, the MCA will only appoint one doctor for the Isle of Man and so there may be times when, because of annual leave or study leave, Dr McAndry may not be available for several days and a Seafarer needing a medical carried out urgently may need to travel to Liverpool to have the examination. We therefore urge Seafarers to contact us to book thier medical at least three weeks before their ENG1 certificate expires.

The examination takes approximately 45 minutes and the fee is £115 - we accept cash, cheques or electronic transfers.

When you come for your examination please bring a form of photo ID, preferably your Discharge Book or passport and, if this is not your first ENG1 examination, your previous ENG1 certificate.

You should also bring your spectacles if you wear them and contact lens wearers shold attend with the lenses out and should bring a pair of lenses to be put in for testing. If you are taking medication it is helpful if you bring a list of your medication with you and if you suffer from a medical condition it is often helpful if you can bring copies of clinic correspondence and the results of any recent tests.

Please avoid working in noisy environments for 8 hours before the examintion , if possible, as this might adversely affect the hearing test if one is carried out.

Seafarers will be asked to remove clothing down to underwear for the examination and so you should let us know if you would like a chaperone and if we cannot provide one for you then you will be asked to bring someone with you to act as a chaperone.